Artist talk: Anita Di Bianco - 25 June 2007, 8 pm


On the occasion of Anita Di Bianco's exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien Der Versteller

June 22 – July 8, 2007

Anita di Bianco, born 1970 in New York, lives and works in New York and is currently taking part to the artist's residency program of Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. Her artistic work is decisively influenced by literature and follows strategies of re-staging and re-narration of well-known authors and literary works as well as of characters from literature and film. She thus creates a kind of remake of the original subject which makes hidden structures visible and allows for new and different readings.

Di Bianco's exhibition Der Versteller presents two recent films: Du Rêve et des Drogues/Dreaming and Drugs (Video 24 min.) shows the staging of excerpts from a 1980 interview with the French writer Marguerite Yourcenar. In a very individual way, a young actor re-interprets Yourcenar's remarks on the aesthetic structure of dreams, the relations between history and imagination, and the ongoing relationship between the consciousness of writers and that of the characters they set to paper.

The 16 mm film Ballad in Plain D (16mm, 6 min) adds to these remarks by taking on comments of the late German writer W.G. Sebald on the work of Nabokov and Kafka. The film transposes Sebald's observations which are characterized by the presence of history, into a modern version of a "ghost town": as a set, Anita Di Bianco has chosen the dissembled "Cité Administrative" in Brussels.

Both works focus on the experience of alienation and uprooting, which is compared to a ghostly existence between different, but interconnected worlds and times constantly interacting and complementing one another. 

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