CELEBRATION! | Exhibition views


1. Sandy Amerio, New Works Made in Tokyo/4 Business Cards to Exchange, 2010, Business cards, Courtesy of the artist

2. Anita Di Bianco, Corrections and Clarifications, 2009-10, Newspaper edition

3. Simion Cernica, With an Eye on the Revolution(s), 2008, Oil on cardboard, 20 x 14 cm, Courtesy of the artist

4. Helen Cho, M For F For T (Drawing For an Installation), 2009, Ballpoint pen on paper

5. Gabriela Daedelow/Lucy Benson, Zarathustra Reloaded, 2010, Text, image, Courtesy of the artist

6. Elise Florenty/Marcel Türkowsky, Denn die Wände haben Ohren (Blinde Stalker), 2010, 25 x 38cm, Wood, hinges, prints, Courtesy of the artist

7. Pia Fuchs (dt. ID von Patricia Reed), The Portrait of a Subject Awaiting Inscription (Ongoing Series), 2010, HB pencil on A4 office paper, Courtesy of the artist

8. Geoffrey Garrison, The Fountains of Sanssouci, 2010, Slideshow, Courtesy of the artist

9. April Gertler, The Sun Always Sets, 2010, Digital collage, 29,5 x 44 cm, Courtesy of the artist/Lick, 2010, Digital ink jet print with thread, 15,5 x 20 cm, Courtesy of the artist

10. Robert Gfader, Next Universe Inflation, 2010, Oilpaintings, Mirrors, each 50 x 40 cm, Courtesy of the artist

11. Cecilie N. Gravesen, Was Her, 2010, Collage on board, Courtesy of the artist

12. Raphael Grisey, Republica, Sao Paulo, 2009, Photography, Courtesy of the artist

13. Mathilde ter Heijne, The Empire of Women – Not a Fairy Tale, 2008, Comicbook

14. Irène Hug, Chimeron, 2009, Wood, Paint, Courtesy of the artist

15. J&K, Horus and Anubis in Islamic Cairo, 2006-07, Pigment print on paper (framed)

16. Daniel Jackson, Blue Rat (pitter-patter), 2009, Mixed media, Courtesy PSM

17. Charlie Jouvet, Untiteld, 2010, Photo print, Courtesy of the artist

18. Ben Judd, Understated Collision, 2005, C-type prints and stereoscopic viewer, Courtesy of the artist

19. Katharina Karrenberg, Beautybox/Schönheitslinien (Making - Displaying - Showing), 2008/10, Glass vitrine, Prints, Drawing, Head of a display dummy, 80 x 60 x 60 cm, Courtesy of the artist

20. Hassan Khan, read fanon you fucking bastard, 2003-onwards, Artist statement accompanied by caption, Various formats (version handwritten by Dortje Drechsel managing member of uqbar board on walls of the exhibition), Courtesy of the artist and uqbar

21. Marcus Knupp, Itself Its Only Neccessity And Itself Its Only End, 2010, Acryl on canvas

22. Aleksander Komarov, Estate, 2010, Poster edition

23. Susanne Kriemann, Ashes And Broken Brickwork of a Logical Theory, 2010, Artist book

24. David Krippendorff, Those Immigrants (Won't Stop 'Til We Stop Them), 2009, Pen on paper

25. Linards Kulless, What the First Mistake You Remember Making?, 2008, Acrylic

26. Élise Leclercq, Tree Hiding the Forest, 2010, Drawing

27. Katrin Lock/Tim Brotherton, Narratives in the Slow Process of Restauration, 2010, C-type digital print

28. Lorenza Lucchi Basili, (from left to right)
A: Space fiftyfive, Richmond, 2008, Cibachrome print
B: Space fiftytwo, Los Angeles, 2006-08, Chromogenic print
C: Space fiftyseven, Montreal, 2005-08 Chromogenic print
D: Space sixtyone, Berlin, 2006-08, Chromogenic print

29. Ives Maes, Garbage Grotto, 2008, Lambda-print on aluminium, 25 x 40 cm

30. Marisa Maza, 8 Mart, 2009, Istanbul, Photo print, Courtesy of the artist

31. Xavier Mazzarol/Saâdane Afif, Celebration!, 2010, Credit: Mody Mudar Al Khufash

32. Eléonore de Montesquiou, Piiril (on the Border), 2009, Drawings, each A4 size, Courtesy of the artist

33. Kaj Osteroth/Lydia Hamann, He Is Free, Variation 2, 2010, Drawing

34. Tanja Ostoijc, Belgrade Chronicles, 2010, Drawin, 30 x 42 cm, Courtesy of the artist

35. Anu Pennanen/Laura Horelli, Dreifachfenster, 2008, Audio CD, Courtesy of the artist
36. Nathan Peter, Burning tire, 2010, Ink and copper pigment on paper, A4 size

37. Lucy Powell, The Day Scientists Announced the Earth Was 5mm Smaller Than Before, 2010, Photographs, 40 x 30 cm, Courtesy of the artist

38. Stéphane Querrec, Forbible Projective Processes: Simone D, 2010, Performance with Simone van Dijken (During Grand Opening at 8:30 p.m.), Courtesy of the artist

39. Johannes Paul Raether, Mutterkarrussell, 2010, Silhouettes

40. Jen Ray, Back in 5, 2010, Wooden spear, Courtesy Wentrup Galerie

41. Marco Raparelli, Celebration, 2010, Mixed media on postcard

42. David Rych, Blown up (revisiting Marion Park), 1996, Black and white photograph, Courtesy of the Artist

43. Stefan Saffer, Romantic Nonprofit Seeks Marks, 2010, Terra cotta sphere, frame, spax screws, paintbrush, marker, Courtesy of the artist

44. Romana Schmalisch/Charlotte Moth/Anna Barham, Three Way Conversation, 2010, Courtesy of the artist

45. Judith Sigmund, Remembering Borders, 2009, Digital print, Courtesy of the artist

46. Société Réaliste, Marka: Invisible Hand, 2008, Graffiti

47. Yorgos Sourmelis, Echt künstlich, 2010, Ink on paper, Courtesy of the artist

48. Carola Spadoni, A Deal, 2010, Ink and watercolor on paper, Courtesy of the artist

49. Vassiliea Stylianidou, From Scratch, 2010, Stack of paper, glass, plasticine

50. Mona Vatamanu/Florian Tudor, A Quote from ‚The Moscow Diary’ by Walter Benjamin, Day 30 December 1926, 2010, Hand written text

51. Sencer Vardarman, Berlin Under Water, 2005, Photomontage on digital c-print, 85 x 100 cm, Courtesy of the artist

52. Nico Vascellari, Untitled (Landscape), 2009, Collage, Courtesy Arratia, Beer

53. Maja Weyermann, Saigon 1#2, 2006, Rendering on aludibond, Courtesy of the artist

54. Julita Wójcik, Poodles, 2010, Print

55. Juliane Zelwies, When It's Over, It's Over, 2010, Text on glas, Text on MDF, Courtesy of the artist

56. Johannes Kramer, Untiteld, Saudi Arabien, 2008-09, Photo series, Courtesy of the artist

      Xavier Mazzarol/Louis-Philippe Scoufaras/Aras Sehatkar, Surprise Party at Mirror Bar, 2010, Party


 Juliane Zelwies, When It's Over, It's Over, 2010