Lecture: Judit Angel, “Site specific” curating

Starting from the phenomenological, institutional and discursive interpretations of the concept of site, the lecture will present three exhibition projects each one related to a particular site. Complexul Muzeal (Art Museum of Arad, Romania, 1996) represented a specific case of institution criticism and cultural co-operation implying the reconsideration of the East-West cultural paradigm. The Interval exhibition series (Dorottya Gallery, Budapest, 2009) dealt with the history and present-day relevance of a 50 year old Budapest gallery in the context of large scale urban investments. Related Spaces (Ernst Museum, Budapest, 2010) focused on the architectural site itself by fostering an interdisciplinary approach between the fields of architecture, art, film and curatorship.

Judit Angel is an art historian and curator. Born in Arad, Romania. Between 1990 – 1998, Chief Curator of the Art Museum of Arad, Romania. Commissioner of the Romanian Pavilion, curator of the Report exhibition, Venice Biennial (1999). PhD in art history (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, 2010). Since 1998, she works as a curator at the Mûcsarnok/Kunsthalle Budapest. Recent curated exhibitions: What’s Up? Contemporary Hungarian Art (with Zsolt Petrányi, Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest, 2008), Interval exhibition series (Dorottya Gallery, Budapest, 2009), Related Spaces (with Eszter Steierhoffer, Ernst Museum, Budapest, 2010).

The lecture is part of the activities of the Free School for Art Theory and Practice of Tranzit.
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