Screening and Talk: re.act.feminism #2 – a performing archive

Guided Screening  Sunday, January 27, 2013, 6 p.m.

Guests Bettina Knaup, Beatrice Stammer

re.act.feminism #2 is a growing, temporary and living performance archive traveling through Europe from 2011 to 2013. It presents feminist, gender-critical and queer performance art by more than 160 artists and artist collectives from the 1960 ́s to the beginning of the 1980’s, as well as contemporary positions. This mobile archive is the first of its kind to bring together such a great number and variety of performance documentation, video performances, photographs, artist interviews as well as scores and manifestos – which are mostly difficult to access and have therefore seldom been presented in the past. The scope of the archive is international including artists from more than 40 countries, mainly from Eastern and Western Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the US and Latin America.

Presenting a selection of materials from the archive the team of re.act.feminism discusses the development and itinerary of the project and reflects on performance art as a laboratory for new forms of (collective) action and social/political practice.

The talk is part of  transmediale and CTM's VORSPIEL, a pre-festival program where over 20 partner venues invite you to a series of exhibition openings, performances, artist talks, and special events that take place beyond the main venues of either festival.
Vorspiel will take place on the weekend prior to both festivals, from Thursday 24 – Sunday 27 January 2012, at independent organizations, galleries, project spaces and other venues across Berlin. The Vorspiel program partners have been selected by transmediale and CTM according to one of the following criteria: content that relate to the in/compatible and/or Spectral thematic frameworks of the festivals, key collaboration partners, and high artistic quality.

At the tinme the talk has to be seen  in the larger framework of the project on feminism by Espace Surplus:

Detailed programme (in German language)

Schönheit als Medium der Kommunikation: Anna Talens
Ausstellung vom 12.01.-26.01.13 bei Espace Surplus

Donnerstag, 31.01.13, 20.00 Uhr
Konzert mit Christiane Rösinger im Spiegelsaal von Clärchens Ballhaus, Berlin Mitte.
Veranstaltet in Kooperation mit Missy Magazine.

Freitag, 01.02.13, 18.30 Uhr: „Feminism, politics and precarious economics“
Mit Claudia Gather (Berlin School for Law and Economics), Hanna Rosin (Autorin von „The End of Men“), Deborah Ruggieri (Kulturwissenschaftlerin, Gender AG Attac) – moderiert von Angela McRobbie (Professorin für Kommunikation, Goldsmiths College London).

Freitag, 01.02.13 ab 20 Uhr Eröffnung Gruppenausstellung „f*******“
mit Ingo Gerken, Timo Klöppel und Isa Melsheimer bei Espace Surplus
Ausstellung vom 02.02.-09.03.13

Samstag, 02.02.13, 16.30 Uhr „Feminism and Maternity“
Mit Lisa Baraiter (MAMSIE, London), Mareen Linnartz (NIDO) und Claudia Voigt (Spiegel), moderiert von Bettina Springer

Samstag, 02.02.13, 18.30 Uhr: „The gender politics of the art world“
Mit Philomene Magers (Sprüth Magers Galerie), Marián López Fernández-Cao (Präsidentin MAV, Madrid) moderiert von Julia Voss (FAZ)

Sonntag, 03.02.13, 16.30 Uhr: „Feminism and New Masculinities“
Mit Ann Phoenix (London), Mark Simpson (Autor und Journalist), Dissens e.V. moderiert von Regina Frey (genderbüro)

Sonntag, 03.02.13, 18.30 Uhr „Cross-Cultural Feminism“
Mit Kübra Gümüsay (Journalistin), Esma Cakir-Ceylan (Rechtsanwältin, Vorstand des Bundesverbands der Migrantinnen in Deutschland) und Parastou Forouhar (Künstlerin – angefragt) – moderiert von Katajun Amirpur (Universität Hamburg – angefragt)